Because I wondered how 20th-century Cubists like Picasso, Bracque and Gris would tackle today's themes in their Cubist style, subjects such as Smurfs, superheros, cellphones, vegetable juicers, nuclear power stations and laptops, I decided, about a hundred years on, to do it for them.
Cubic Popeye
Cubic Batman
Cubic Smurf
Kubistische Mickey met goud
The Three Seasons
Small Hero
Man With Mandolin
Small Hero 10
Belgisch Kubisme
Kitty Gaga
Cubic Batman
Small Hero 12
The End of Cubism
Small Hero 9
Cubic Batman
Small Hero 2
Cubic Batman
Cubic Flinstone
Cubic Popeye
Cubic Mickey
Tin Tin Tin
Cubic Kitty
Cubic Kitty
Tin Tin Tin
Cubic Goofy
Cubic Mr. Owl
Cubic Mickey
Small Hero 1
Cubic Tintin 4
Small Hero 11
Small Hero 13
Cubic Smurfette
Small Hero 8
Small Hero 6
Small Hero 7
Small Hero 3
Small Hero 4
Small Hero 5
Tin Tin Tin
Cubic Tintin 1
Cubic Tintin 2